What is SOWC?

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) is a platform for young future leaders with interests in different disciplines to benefit from ALU’s cutting edge leadership programmes and learn to lead effectively in one of Africa’s most promising sectors for economic growth and sustainability – conservation.

The SOWC Undergraduate Programme

Designed for students of the Global Challenges degree programme at our Rwanda campus, our undergraduate program exposes young leaders to the basics of conservation ecology, politics, economics and business. While equipping you with skills/tools you need to identify, analyze effectively solve problems and leverage opportunities for the conservation sector.

Why you should join the SOWC?

  • Get regular exposure to and mentorship by professionals in the space
  • Access to opportunities that can help you design, attend and participate in the Davos of conservation - our annual Business of Conservation Conference
  • Support in sourcing annual internships at top organizations in the sector
  • Financial support for internships and conferences  

The Ideal Candidate  

  • Is a young leader with a demonstrated passion and commitment for conservation
  • Is interested in the ALU Global Challenges degree
  • Willing to join our Rwanda campus  

Meet Our Conservationists In The Making 

"I am in a University where learning is hinged on developing personal Missions and not just following Majors. The School of Wildlife Conservation program has inspired and created in me a resilient and more environmentally conscious mindset and I am more aware of the impact we have on our planet. This made me structure my Mission plan in a smart, Innovative and environmental friendly way."  

Christian Mugabe Rwanda Global Challenges, Year 3  

"The school gives me opportunities to discover, learn and practice what I love, but also to meet conservation experts who help me grow each time a little more. With each conservationist in residence, I can get an idea of the different careers that exist in conservation as well as their requirements; and determine which path to choose. I stay in touch with the experts that related the most to my journey and they continue to help me shape a clear vision of what I will do later. I would probably never have met then if not here."

N'Gandjo Wassa Cisse Côte d'Ivoire Global Challenges, Year 3  


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For more information on SOWC, visit www.sowc.alueducation.com For more information on ALU, visit www.alueducation.com